Cool new stuff coming soon from Nine Dragons

Nihon coverIt is exciting times here in hot and humid Hong Kong! We have several products almost ready fro release and wanted to share a little bit about them with everyone.

First up is Nihon and the City of Edo: Mechas, Mountains, Magic & Mystery. It is an expansion book for our flagship RPG Honour and it details the land of Nihon (Japan) with particular focus on the great capital city of Edo. Nihon is a complex place in the 2022 of Honour, technologically advanced and semi-dependent on the tech of mecha, but also in a state of regression after suffering the trauma of Project Monk. Add to that the presence of new and powerful Inhuman (both Charmed and Demons) and you have a place that offers adventure and intrigue aplenty!

As well as the Nihon book we are happy to announce that The Wedding Banquet, our first official Honour adventure, is ready to go! This is an adventure designed to get GMs and their players into the world of Pangu and the city of Heung Gong (Hong Kong) quickly and easily. The players choose from pre-generated characters (or create their own with the GMs help) and then find their PCs recruited to the “Special Operations Agency” (SOpA) led by the charismatic and enigmatic Chen. Before they know it they are on a security detail at a society wedding that brings together pop stars, billionaires, political power-mongers, back-alley scoundrels and triad kingpins. It’s a security nightmare, and that’s before the real fun kicks off!

We also have these products very close to release, so keep you eyes on this page for more news on:
Syaama (Thailand) expansion book; Tooled Up Teenage Monster Mayhem (Tutemoma) our first board game; The Walled City Gazetteer, a detailed guide to the fascinating inter-planar nexus of Heung Gong; Honour RPG: Chinese Edition, and; our newly designed, newly processed, high detail resin, smooth-as-silk for easy, accurate painting range of customizable miniatures!

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