Indie Game Developer Network Sponsorship for Maelstrom 2014



To celebrate the launch of the newest Double Exposure convention, Maelstrom, the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) is offering a $200 sponsorship to support the goals of the convention, namely strengthening the voices of marginalized communities within the larger gaming industry. This sponsorship is part of the IGDN’s larger mission of supporting a thriving game design community filled with a diverse and exciting set of voices.

The sponsorship will be awarded to a designer who hails from marginalized communities or whose work supports the discussion and exploration of issues that affect diverse groups. Thanks to the support of the Double Exposure staff, recipients of the sponsorship will receive a room-share courtesy of Maelstrom–the funds from the IGDN can be used to cover travel and other expenses.

Designers who are interested in applying for the sponsorship must fill out an application form, found here, by March 21st, 2014: Maelstrom 2014 IGDN Sponsorship Application

It is not a requirement that an applicant’s work is published to be considered for the sponsorship. The IGDN is committed to bringing new and undiscovered talent, especially from diverse communities, into the gaming industry, and the application committee will be looking at a variety of factors in addition to publishing credits. Current IGDN members cannot apply for the sponsorship, although we hope that sponsorship finalists will consider joining the IGDN after Maelstrom.

Applications will go to a committee of IGDN members who will look over all the applications and discuss the applicants’ strengths. After they have looked at and discussed each application, they will nominate a winner. The nomination will go to the IGDN President and Treasurer for final approval. Once final approval is made, then the winner will be notified by March 27th, 2014 and arrangements will be made with Double Exposure for payment upon arrival at the convention.

Please publicize this effort, even if you are not interested in applying. We want a diverse set of applicants from all corners of the industry! We look forward to your applications!