Support Table Topics, the New Indie RPG Podcast

Join Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games) and Brie Sheldon (Daedalum Analog Productions) in their newest venture—Table Topics, a podcast about indie RPGs. Together they’ll be chatting about a range of topics related to the hobby and will be showcasing great independent games and game designers.

Table Topics Season 1 is being funded by Patreon, a crowdsource platform where you can pledge your support and earn great bonuses. Each of the season’s 12 episodes will feature ads or shout-outs for patrons—by getting on board early, you can both support the show and help shape the topics they discuss.

Both Eloy and Brie are members of the Indie Game Developer Network, so they’re no strangers to the indie RPG scene. They’ll bring their knowledge, experience, and connections together to make every episode unique and engaging.

Visit the Patreon page to pledge your support. Season 1 begins recording soon, so act fast!

Third Eye Games Releases the White Knight for AMP: Year One

White Knight CoverIt’s All Souls Night and AMPs everywhere are out en masse. As the only night of the year they can be themselves without standing out, it’s a great time to relax and feel normal. Unfortunately someone has more sinister plans. When the characters get caught between two feuding AMPs who each possess power over the dead, they’re faced with some tough decisions. Their actions will decide the fate of the city—and of one AMP who just wants to be a hero.

Find out what happens in the White Knight, the newest adventure for AMP: Year One by Third Eye Games. In this adventure you’ll face overwhelming odds and tough decisions. This book also includes new augments for the Mediumship Power, giving your characters more options to interact with the dead.

The White Knight is available now from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store.

Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals Now Available at DriveThruRPG

PSi Punk Corps and Criminals coverAccessible Games is proud to announce the first Psi-punk sourcebook is now available at DriveThruRPG. Corps and Criminals is a setting book which details dozens of organizations involved in shady practices, from petty theft to corporate espionage and everything in between.

In Psi-punk, you’ll enter a world where psychics exist and normal people have developed technology to compete with them in every walk of life. Crime families employ people with ESP and mind control to steal the secrets (and occasionally the identities) of others, while megacorps seek to capitalize on the phenomenon by emulating these gifts with technology and putting telekinesis into the hands of everyday citizens. Gangers and cartels go to great lengths to kidnap and experiment on mentals, then sell their knowledge to the highest-bidding corps.

This book expands on the world of Psi-punk, a Fudge-compatible cyberpunk RPG released in 2013. It provides Game Masters plenty of background on megacorporations, cartels, gangs, and mafias which can be imported into any campaign. These organizations have plenty of hooks for getting players involved in the story and explains how the PCs fit into (or run up against) them. Dozens of sample NPCs provide plenty of cannon fodder for your team, and the motives of these criminal empires provide plenty of backstory to keep everyone interested in what’s happening around the world.

If you haven’t joined the Psi-punk community yet, you can get the core book for a great price and follow up with Corps and Criminals at DriveThruRPG.

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter Continues the Modern Supers RPG into 2016

AMP Year Two coverLast year, AMP: Year One made tidal waves in the RPG community with its unique take on modern superhero gaming. After raising 250% of its funding goal on Kickstarter, it launched just in time for Summer convention season to outstanding reviews. The game was nominated for several Best of 2014 awards, but like any good action star it didn’t sit around waiting for things to happen.

Enter AMP: Year Two, now on Kickstarter. AMP: Year Two continues the timeline set forth by the Year One storyline and adds plenty of new options for GMs and players. The first sourcebook for AMP: Year One includes four new Affiliations, nine new Powers, and the oft-requested Gadgeteering rules which are essential for non-AMPs to compete against their super-powered counterparts.

AMP: Year Two seeks to raise $4,000 by April 4th, 2015. As the 11th successful Kickstarter campaign for Third Eye Games, veteran Eloy Lasanta knows how to deliver on promises. Join the AMP community today to discover the future of AMPs.

Visit AMP: Year Two Kickstarter page to join.