​Kids Larp Wins “Top 5” Award for Summer Camps

Warrior Arch with RA belowHorseback riding, ultimate frisbee, or… battling dragons? Kids in Colorado have agreed that going on a dangerous quest is one of their favorite things to do in the summer. “Yes, there’s hiking up in the mountains. Yes, there’s team games. Yes, there’s a dragon marauding the city of Solaris. So we’ve got it all!” laughed Aaron Pirnack, publications director of Renaissance Adventures.

Under the leadership of founder Mark Hoge, Aaron and his team have run experiential education live-action roleplaying programs (“larps”) for kids since 1995. Using a game system crafted specifically for kids larps called Adventure Quest, Renaissance Adventures has won several awards already (Best of the West, Best of Boulder, and others), and has now won the distinction of receiving the “Top Five” award for summer camps by Colorado Parent magazine. With tens of thousands of camp options and programs across the state, Colorado has a prosperous and highly competitive summer camp industry. Colorado Parent’s award is sought after because it is one of the most distributed publications across Colorado and the award is voted on by its readers.

“It’s an honor to be a family favorite of Colorado,” Aaron said. “Our programs are not traditional summer camp activities. The kids go on epic adventures… journeys into the imagination to challenge kids toward teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and many other 21st century skills.”

Renaissance Adventures hosts programs in several locations across Colorado and Washington, and has licensed its programs to camps in Michigan and Texas. Who knows? Maybe more kids across the country will trade in their frisbees for swords and become the heroes of a mythic quest.

New Worlds to Leap Into … and Nap In

Worlds of Catthulhu CoverThe rumors are true: Emerging from the dimensional vortex, it’s “Worlds of CATTHULHU!” Nine new settings for playing cats of all kinds as you combat cosmic chaos across the multiverse, defeating cults, foiling conspiracies, and still making it home for din-din. A herd of great indie RPG writers open the ways to brand new worlds like “Gaslamp & Gearbox,” “The Catthulhu Code,” and “Galaxy Warriors vs. the Robo-Cats.”

Plus the incredibly detailed campaign setting “CATS OF FUIRY:” Strive for Status in the feline Seelie Court of Queen Catania as a wily Courtier, valiant Knight, deranged Sorcerer, mysterious Changeling, or winged Aerialist!

WORLDS OF CATTHULHU: Endless Catventure, available at GENCON and through http://CATTHULHU.com

Part-Time Gods of Fate Ascends to PDF

PTGoFThird Eye Games and Encoded Designs have teamed up to deliver Part-Time Gods of Fate, an RPG about mortals who gain the spark of divinity but still have their daily lives to contend with. Now available in PDF, Part-Time Gods of Fate merges 3EG’s popular setting with Encoded Designs’ take on the fate core system.

In Part-Time Gods, you’ll explore what it’s like to gain awesome divine power, battle world-threatening outsiders, and develop relationships with fellow members of your pantheon. Of course, being a god doesn’t pay the rent and it doesn’t excuse you from missing your sister’s wedding. You’ll need to make tough decisions to make it as a divine being in modern society—do you have time to help your fellow deities fend off impending doom before your sister walks down the isle?

Now you can be powered by divinity in a game Powered by Fate. Encoded Designs worked hard to convert this setting to Fate Core. The game takes a system you know and love and adds new rules like Territory Creation, Worshipers and Relics, and more.

Don’t let this divine opportunity pass you buy. Get your copy of Part-Time Gods of Fate from DriveThruRPG or the 3EGOnline Store today.

AMP: Year Two PDFs Now Available

AMPyeartwoThe year of fear has begun. In 2015, people with Accelerated Mutant Potential (AMPs) began emerging from every corner of the world. As their presence becomes more widely known, the realization that super-powered people can be dangerous has begun to sink in. Now it’s 2016 and the decisions we must make in light of these new truths are going to be harder than ever.

AMP: Year Two continues the story begun in AMP: Year One, Third Eye Games’ modern Supers RPG. It advances the storyline into 2016 and introduces four new Affiliations—organizations your characters may be part of… or may find themselves fighting against. This new supplement also expands on the world outside North America and details what has been happening around the globe.

In addition to advancing the game’s meta-plot, AMP: Year Two introduces one new power for each Strain and rules for Gadgeteering, a power available to both AMPs and Saps (regular people). There’s something for everyone in this sourcebook.

AMP: Year Two is now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store. Get your copy today to find out what’s happening in the world now that AMPs are everywhere.

AMP Adventures Collection Available Now

AMPadventuresNow available in PDF, AMP Adventures packs seven scenarios for AMP: Year One into one convenient collection. Discover the secrets and excitement waiting for you in Third Eye Games’ modern Supers RPG. Every adventure highlights various aspects of the game’s rich setting and unique mechanics, including new uses for several of the game’s awesome powers system.

Each standalone adventure is available for $3, but you can get the entire set of seven (a $21 value) for just $15. Adventures include:

Team Player,” “Attack of the Buzz” and “The White Knight” by Eloy Lasanta; “Scalpel’s Edge” and “Five Days of Asphalt” by Chris Kobbe; “Evolution of Apex” by Bill Bodden; and “Academic Conspiracy” by John D. Kennedy. Run each of them separately or link them together as part of a longer campaign.

AMP Adventures is available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store. It will also be available in print at GenCon 2015.

Find out what hard choices await you. Grab your copy of AMP Adventures today!