Wrath of the Autarch Now on Drivethrurpg

Wrath of the AutarchWrath of the Autarch is now available on drivethru and rpgnow! If you like kingdom building games, give it a look!

It features: troupe based play, asymmetric conflict between the Autarch player and the Stronghold players, mini-games for diplomacy, infiltration, skirmish, and warfare, as well as systems to trade resources and, of course, build your kingdom!

Wrath of the Autarch has a super team behind it: editing by Amanda Valentine, layout by Nathan Paoletta, and art by Doug Kovacs, Alyssa Maynard, Eric Quigley, Jonny Gray, and John W. Sheldon!

Romance Trilogy available for pre-order

The Romance Trilogy is available for soft-cover pre-order in the US. PDFs of the Romance Trilogy are for sale now. Print on Demand and international orders will be available coming soon.

The Romance Trilogy is a collection of love and relationship themed role playing games plus over 30 rules variations and new settings for the games. From the collaborative and sweet romantic comedy of Breaking the Ice, to the competitive love-triangle of Shooting the Moon, to the intense, live-action exploration of fidelity and our deepest needs in Under my Skin, there is something for everyone.

Mods include:

  • Ere Camlann: an Arthurian setting of Under my Skin
  • Barking at the Moon: an urban supernatural setting for Shooting the Moon
  • Let’s Be Friends: a nostalgic childhood friendship hack of Breaking the Ice

All the games use rules-lite systems with fun mini-games and dramatic techniques that support play and drive home the heartbreak and joy. Many of the games are GMless and collaborative. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the work of charitable organizations Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project and the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition.

With games that accommodate from 1 to 10 mature players.

Come visit blackgreengames.com to hear about this and all our other games!

Indie Groundbreaker Awards Winners

Indie Groundbreaker Awards logoThe IGDN would like to congratulate all of the winners of this year’s inaugural Indie Groundbreaker Awards.

Most Innovative Game

  • Winner: 183 Days
  • Runner Up: Ten Candles

Best Art

  • Winner: Fall of Magic
  • Runner Up: Les Petites Choses Oubliées

Best Rules

  • Winner: Death of Legends
  • Runner Up: 14 Days

Best Setting

  • Winner: Downfall
  • Runner Up: Snow White

Game of the Year

  • Winner: A Real Game
  • Runner Up: Sign

Huge thanks as well to all of the excellent games submitted for consideration this year. It’s wonderful to see so much great work being done in the independent game publishing world!

Age Past Revised Core & Companion launches on Kickstarter

Age Past Kickstarter headerSMG is proud to announce the crowdfunded launch of the Age Past Revised Core & Companion on August 1st, 2016. This includes, as it’s main effort, two hardback books. The first is a 400 page revised core rule book, updated from the 2013 published Age Past game. The second is a 112 page companion book that provides additional and optional rules, as well as in depth content on the desert regions of the Incian Sphere. Age Past is a tabletop RPG, set in the Incian Sphere, a world of dark dangers, powerful magic, and political strife. The game provides an immersive experience by providing players with hundreds of options to create their own perfect archetype. Many of the character options may be taken three to four times, allowing for literally millions of combinations. No two characters will ever be the same. Archetypes are given drives, or missions selected by the player, that helps integrate them into the world. A core game mechanic also supports PC through a crystal ball effect. From the future’s point of view, each PC has done something to change the course of history. This integration, using the concepts of destiny, drives, player agency, and archetypes, provides a deep RPG experience.

Characters are created using a level and build point system. As a hero levels she gains additional BP. The BP is used to buy powers and abilities each with its own set cost. The cost of the power indicates its overall strength in the game world. Also, powers can only be taken at certain levels. This creates a redundancy in regards toward balance, with both the cost of the ability and level cap acting as buffer against exploitation. Powers are designed to work. An Archetype, of any sort, will do what it is designed to. Due to the vast array of options even similar type characters, such as warriors, will be built vastly different.

Age Past coverPlayers can also tailor their own RPG experience by building very simple or complex PC. Overall, there is an extremely high level of player agency in Age Past, for the player herself but also for her PC.

The books are supplemented with amazing full color art, in game short fiction, and creative captions. Included is a GM screen, monster creation guide with 70 pre-made monsters, design your own pet, adventuring guide, and GM tools.

Please feel free to check out our Kickstarter. Here you will find fully written and formatted sample RPG books in full color, along with a fielded PDF character sheet.