Meet our partners — Ottawa Story Games and Games to Gather

We’re pleased to partner with Ottawa Story Games and Games to Gather to sponsor the 2016 Metatopia Scholarship. There’s still time to apply!

Games to GatherGames to Gather is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon that cultivates an active gaming community through positive action. By exploring awareness-raising and collaborative games we strive to bring people from all walks of life together for potent and insightful play experiences. We believe games that ask questions about what is and what could be have the power to inspire growth and change.

We place an emphasis on games that engage with current social or personal subjects, though there is a place for games that are purely for fun, too. We host monthly events that focus on narrative driven story and role playing games, improvisational freeform games and larp, tabletop games of all sorts and the occasional unclassifiable oddball. To explore this array of games we’ve developed tools and practices to assist players of different preferences in achieving productive play experiences. In addition to our general gaming events we also host events for womyn and girls, and LGBTQIA.

Beyond gameplay, Games to Gather supports a community wide game design effort to develop socially curious and personally expressive games through focus groups, play studies, play testing, game jams, and work sessions. Our objective with game design is to demonstrate that anyone with an idea can make a high quality analog game, with support readily available to all members of the community. Game designers from our community have gone on to win contests, publish their games through successful crowdfunding campaigns, and have been recognized both nationally and internationally at game design festivals around the world.

All of these activities are supported by a robust inclusion-centric conduct agreement that informs community practices at all levels. Games to Gather events strive to be as equitable as possible to people of different lived experiences by providing plenty of information up front, implementing tools that allow players to establish their boundaries with minimal risk of social repercussion, and by balancing events to account for the needs of a dynamic community.

As Games to Gather enters it’s fourth year of operation, we look back on the hundreds of games, stories, and discussions we’ve shared both at monthly meetups and annual festivals, and eagerly look forward to the next chapter: activism through game design. The next year holds the promise of bringing game design to at-risk youth and other community outreach efforts, publishing collections of games and essays, and of course, many memorable games large and small.

Ottawa Story GamesOttawa Story Games is a regional analog game association, centered in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of eastern Canada. Founded by Genesis of Legend Publishing and a cadre of professional organizers, the organization exists to support play, design, and education within our local community.

Ottawa Story Games has a presence at many local conventions, where we sell independent roleplaying games on behalf of local publishers and welcome guests. We organize design meetups and workshops on a periodic basis, with the community coming together for playtesting efforts. Our goal as an association is to foster a vibrant, world-class local design community. We are very proud to partner with the IGDN and Double Exposure to support the 2017 Metatopia Scholarship.

Apply for the 2016 IGDN Metatopia Scholarship

In collaboration with Double Exposure, we are happy to offer the 3rd annual Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) Scholarship for a game developer to attend Metatopia, The Game Design Festival. This scholarship will cover a room and convention registration, as well as up to $500 of travel expenses. This scholarship is part of the IGDN’s larger mission of supporting a thriving game design community filled with a diverse and exciting set of voices.

The scholarship will be awarded to a designer who hails from marginalized communities or whose work supports the discussion and exploration of issues that affect diverse groups. Designers who are interested in applying for the scholarship must fill out an application form, found here, by September 30, 2016. Update: Application deadline extended to October 5!

It is not a requirement that an applicant’s work is published to be considered for the scholarship, but they must be working on a game. The IGDN is committed to bringing new and undiscovered talent, especially from diverse communities, into the gaming industry, and the application committee will be looking at a variety of factors in addition to publishing credits. Current IGDN members cannot apply for the scholarship, although we hope scholarship finalists will consider joining the IGDN after Metatopia.

Applications will go to a committee of IGDN members who will look over all the applications and discuss the applicants’ strengths. After they have looked at and discussed each application, they will nominate a winner. The nomination will go to the IGDN President and Treasurer for final approval. Once final approval is made, then the winner will be notified by October 12th, 2016 and arrangements will be made with Double Exposure for payment upon arrival at the convention.

This scholarship is being organized in partnership with Albuquerque RPG, Big Bad Con (Oakland), Games to Gather (Portland), and Ottawa Story Games.

If you don’t think you qualify for the scholarship, but want to help out, we welcome any donations on our GoFundMe. Depending on the amount we receive in donations, we may be able to offer more to the winner or possibly choose additional winners.

Please share this effort with all of our social media outlets, and with anyone you feel is a great fit for the scholarship. We want a diverse set of applicants from all corners of the industry! We look forward to your applications!

2016 IGDN Metatopia Scholarship Application

Vajra Enterprises Releases The Man Burns and Makes Classic Books Available as PDFs

The Man Burns coverThe Man Burns, now available from Vajra Enterprises, is the first sourcebook for Seeker, the game of wandering mystics and philosophers on the backroads of weird America. The Man Burns details the yearly Burning Man festival and all the supernormal things Seekers may encounter there. This book is filled with color photographs of the festival and gives details that could be used to run a Burning Man campaign using any system.

Vajra Enterprises has also made Behind the Eyes of Madness, the last of its first-generation books, available for purchase as PDF. Until recently, all of Vajra’s classic game books (including Fates Worse Than Death, In Dark Alleys and Tibet) were only available for purchase in printed format. With the PDF release of Behind the Eyes of Madness, the entire Vajra Enterprises catalog is now available in PDF form. What’s more, when people purchase the PDF of any of these classic books, Vajra Enterprises will donate a printed copy of the book to a non-profit.

For more about The Man Burns, visit
For more about Behind the Eyes of Madness, visit

Cool new stuff coming soon from Nine Dragons

Nihon coverIt is exciting times here in hot and humid Hong Kong! We have several products almost ready fro release and wanted to share a little bit about them with everyone.

First up is Nihon and the City of Edo: Mechas, Mountains, Magic & Mystery. It is an expansion book for our flagship RPG Honour and it details the land of Nihon (Japan) with particular focus on the great capital city of Edo. Nihon is a complex place in the 2022 of Honour, technologically advanced and semi-dependent on the tech of mecha, but also in a state of regression after suffering the trauma of Project Monk. Add to that the presence of new and powerful Inhuman (both Charmed and Demons) and you have a place that offers adventure and intrigue aplenty!

As well as the Nihon book we are happy to announce that The Wedding Banquet, our first official Honour adventure, is ready to go! This is an adventure designed to get GMs and their players into the world of Pangu and the city of Heung Gong (Hong Kong) quickly and easily. The players choose from pre-generated characters (or create their own with the GMs help) and then find their PCs recruited to the “Special Operations Agency” (SOpA) led by the charismatic and enigmatic Chen. Before they know it they are on a security detail at a society wedding that brings together pop stars, billionaires, political power-mongers, back-alley scoundrels and triad kingpins. It’s a security nightmare, and that’s before the real fun kicks off!

We also have these products very close to release, so keep you eyes on this page for more news on:
Syaama (Thailand) expansion book; Tooled Up Teenage Monster Mayhem (Tutemoma) our first board game; The Walled City Gazetteer, a detailed guide to the fascinating inter-planar nexus of Heung Gong; Honour RPG: Chinese Edition, and; our newly designed, newly processed, high detail resin, smooth-as-silk for easy, accurate painting range of customizable miniatures!

Find out more at

Biohazard Games Partners with Nocturnal Media to Publish “Upwind”

Upwind coverUpwind is a new tabletop roleplaying game of lost science, elemental magic and uncharted skies from acclaimed game designer Jeff Barber (Blue Planet, Midnight). Originally developed at Biohazard Games, Upwind is now a joint production with Nocturnal Media. The new roleplaying game is the first of many potential projects.

Imagine Bakshi’s classic animated film “Wizards” has a head-on collision with Disney’s “Treasure Planet” and the resulting fire is put out with a whole lot of Studio Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky.” That, in an unexpected, animated mash-up, is Upwind.

“Upwind is ‘Tesla-Punk’,” said Stewart Wieck, owner of Nocturnal Media. “Both in its setting and its unique game system, Upwind is unlike any other game I’ve ever published.”

Set in a strange alternate world of floating island nations, flying sailing ships, long lost technology, wild elemental powers, looming war and forgotten legacies,Upwind is a narrative style RPG. Gameplay is powered by the Q-system, an original stakes-based, playing card-driven mechanic that gives every encounter consequences with meaningful, narrative-building outcomes. With its unique bidding rules, Upwind plays as fast as you can tell your story.

“Biohazard is excited to partner with Nocturnal on the Upwind project,” said designer Jeff Barber. “The game has already benefited from Stewart’s enthusiasm, experience and expertise. Our ambitions for the line have grown dramatically in the short time we have been working together and the game will be bigger, more beautiful and reach a much broader audience as a result. I share Stewart’s conviction that games can be forms of art as much as entertainment.”

Upwind will launch as a Kickstarter project next month – October 11th. The campaign will fund a portion of the printing costs for the Upwind core book, the “Knight’s Deck” custom cards and the “Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier” adventure and sourcebook. All these products benefit from a single artistic vision. Illustrator James Stowe has been part of the development process from the beginning and is helping to bring the unique world of Upwind to life.

The Nocturnal Media/Biohazard Games partnership may also mean new life for other Biohazard Games projects. Jeff Barber said, “Our award winning BluePlanet RPG turns 20 next year and fans have long hoped for a rejuvenation of the game and the completion of our original plans for the line. This, among other potential surprises, might finally happen through the new partnership.”

Everything begins this October with the project to fund Upwind. Join the Explorer Knights and sail into the Twilight Frontier!


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I so vow.
To seek the Knowledge.
I so vow.
To defend the Kingdoms.
I so vow.
To defy the Dark.
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