Galileo Games, Inc. Releases Heart of the Fury, the Latest Supplement in the Bulldogs! Line

Galileo Games announces the release of Heart of the Fury, an extended campaign for Bulldogs! This 260-page adventure campaign includes a dozen different adventures and new rules for Bulldogs! campaigns. Heart of the Fury adds a new Psychic skill and stunts to add mental powers to the game, three new playable alien species, and an excellent example of how how to craft a full arc campaign to players’ own Bulldogs! game.

“Gareth Hanrahan is one of the best campaign designers in the business,” said publisher Brennan Taylor. “I was extremely pleased he decided to work with us to develop this epic supplement for Bulldogs! It’s truly monumental, the book ended up even bigger than the core book in the end. It’s a great opportunity for players to explore long-term play in the Bulldogs! universe.”

“The Bulldogs! setting has a number of guns built into it, and I took great and unbridled glee in running around pulling as many triggers as I could. Now, it’s up to the player characters to start dodging,” said Gareth Hanrahan.

Bulldogs! is a high action space adventure role-playing game about blasters, faster-than- light travel, starship dogfights, and ambushes by space pirates in rarely traveled star lanes. The 2016 edition of Bulldogs! uses the latest Fate Core system to bring out the space adventurer in players.

Heart of the Fury
was released for sale in electronic format on Wednesday, December 21 st . The product is available direct to consumers on DriveThruRPG and Indie Press Revolution.