Biohazard Games Partners with Nocturnal Media to Publish “Upwind”

Upwind coverUpwind is a new tabletop roleplaying game of lost science, elemental magic and uncharted skies from acclaimed game designer Jeff Barber (Blue Planet, Midnight). Originally developed at Biohazard Games, Upwind is now a joint production with Nocturnal Media. The new roleplaying game is the first of many potential projects.

Imagine Bakshi’s classic animated film “Wizards” has a head-on collision with Disney’s “Treasure Planet” and the resulting fire is put out with a whole lot of Studio Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky.” That, in an unexpected, animated mash-up, is Upwind.

“Upwind is ‘Tesla-Punk’,” said Stewart Wieck, owner of Nocturnal Media. “Both in its setting and its unique game system, Upwind is unlike any other game I’ve ever published.”

Set in a strange alternate world of floating island nations, flying sailing ships, long lost technology, wild elemental powers, looming war and forgotten legacies,Upwind is a narrative style RPG. Gameplay is powered by the Q-system, an original stakes-based, playing card-driven mechanic that gives every encounter consequences with meaningful, narrative-building outcomes. With its unique bidding rules, Upwind plays as fast as you can tell your story.

“Biohazard is excited to partner with Nocturnal on the Upwind project,” said designer Jeff Barber. “The game has already benefited from Stewart’s enthusiasm, experience and expertise. Our ambitions for the line have grown dramatically in the short time we have been working together and the game will be bigger, more beautiful and reach a much broader audience as a result. I share Stewart’s conviction that games can be forms of art as much as entertainment.”

Upwind will launch as a Kickstarter project next month – October 11th. The campaign will fund a portion of the printing costs for the Upwind core book, the “Knight’s Deck” custom cards and the “Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier” adventure and sourcebook. All these products benefit from a single artistic vision. Illustrator James Stowe has been part of the development process from the beginning and is helping to bring the unique world of Upwind to life.

The Nocturnal Media/Biohazard Games partnership may also mean new life for other Biohazard Games projects. Jeff Barber said, “Our award winning BluePlanet RPG turns 20 next year and fans have long hoped for a rejuvenation of the game and the completion of our original plans for the line. This, among other potential surprises, might finally happen through the new partnership.”

Everything begins this October with the project to fund Upwind. Join the Explorer Knights and sail into the Twilight Frontier!


To honor the Guild.
I so vow.
To seek the Knowledge.
I so vow.
To defend the Kingdoms.
I so vow.
To defy the Dark.
I so vow.