Companions’ Tale: now on Kickstarter!

Companions’ Tale is a map-making storytelling game about an epic hero—from the point of view of the hero’s companions. You can listen to an actual play on One Shot Podcast, and after years of playtests, the game is now on Kickstarter!

The game is for 3-4 players and takes approximately 2 ½ hours to play. It uses evocative world-building rules, a deck of inspirational themes and art, and a series of rotating roles for shared storytelling. Together, you’ll build the history and culture of the realm, fill in a rich and changing map, and reveal your companions’ tales. Whose version of the hero’s story will become canon, and whose will be a footnote to history?

The Kickstarter launched in February and was quickly funded. The project is open for pledges as it unlocks new Variants, taking your stories in new directions:

  • Lover’s Tale: The Companions are all people who have loved the Hero at some point in time.
  • Two Player Variant: Guidance for playing Companions’ Tale game with two players.
  • Diaspora: Support six players with a single copy of the game. Start from a common ancient homeland, but then form two separate groups as you split apart and travel to a new home.
  • Wicked Portents: As your hero’s story grows, a terrible calamity – a war, a flood, a storm, or something else? – is brewing slowly, and no matter what, it will arrive. What will happen when it does?
  • And more to revealed!

Companions’ Tale is now on Kickstarter until March 22. Check it out here: