Contribute to the Metatopia Diversity Scholarship!

TL;DR – Help us raise money to bring EVEN MORE folks to Metatopia this year.

For the past two years, the Indie Game Developer Network has administered a Metatopia Sponsorship to expand the diversity in the indie tabletop game community. In essence, we bring new designers to Metatopia, securing a badge and a room for them and paying their travel costs to make it affordable to join the largest gathering of tabletop game designers in the country.

We think it’s crucial that people who don’t usually have access to this kind of environment get actual resources to make the trip, both because they deserve to have a chance to spread their wings and fly and because Metatopia is better off for their presence. In other words, the IGDN believes this is a crucial bridge between the community we have and the community we want.

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

In 2014, we sponsored Sarah Richardson, a designer who had never been to Metatopia before but had a number of exciting projects that we thought deserved more attention, including her game Bluebeard’s Bride.

In 2015, we sponsored a total of four designers: Alex Helm, Kimberley Lam, André La Roche, and Jay Sylvano. In fact, we raised over $1,000 on GoFundMe to help make last year’s program a reality!

Helm, Lam, la Roche, Sylvano

Helm, Lam, la Roche, Sylvano

The IGDN is already committed to bringing four new designers to Metatopia this year; we’re asking for your help to bring FOUR MORE designers, enough to create our first true Metatopia cohort. We’ll be providing additional mentorship resources, a group lunch every day of the convention, and a followup meeting to make sure these designers get all the resources they need to succeed.

Avonelle Wing and Vincent Salzillo over at Double Exposure (the folks who run Metatopia) have already committed to getting rooms and badges for these folks, so we’re looking for funds to pay for travel expenses to make this happen! We’re also continuing our partnerships, including with Games to Gather (with the support of Jay Sylvano and Tayler Stokes), Big Bad Con (with the support of Sean Nittner) and more!

Do you want a more diverse indie design community?
Do you want to see more women and people of color designing games?
Do you want to see new games like Bluebeard’s Bride or Dog Eat Dog or Steal Away Jordan that shatter expectations?
Do you want to make a literal difference on this issue that we talk about so often (yet often feel stuck trying to solve)?

This is how we can start to solve it. Let’s give the people who deserve to have a shot at Metatopia the resources they need to come to the convention. Let’s show these folks that we really do care about their attendance and contributions. Let’s make this happen!