Crucible, the coin-based RPG of evolving morality, launched by Cosm Games

Crucible logoThe first Kickstarter from this energetic company from Melbourne, Australia has already reached 80% funding in its first week, and introduces a unique world of epic powers, moral challenges and insidious darkness. The game can be played with pocket change, but we’re also funding the development of custom, high quality coins which not only represent the source of a character’s power, but also serve as the core resolution mechanic.

From heroic adventurer to mighty god, characters shape the world of Crucible through their choices.

Original art is available from RPG industry greats, Matt Stawicki and Melissa Gay.

Join us at Kickstarter or, or come to the tabletop gaming area at PAX Australia in Melbourne Oct 30-Nov 1 and join one of our showcase games!