Encoded Designs Presents: The Character Cache

Character Cache logoEncoded Designs has launched a new Patreon Campaign called The Character Cache.

The Character Cache is a collection of characters designed to be used in tabletop RPG gaming, either as character concepts for players or as NPCs/villains by GMs. Artist Matt Morrow illustrates the character pieces, and Encoded Designs writes a system-neutral description, including how to incorporate this character into your campaign. These write-ups also include hooks for encounters and adventure inspiration, plus tags for quick reference.

The Patreon Campaign includes Milestones that increase the quality of the artwork, as well as adds backer-voted stat blocks to the NPC’s.

These characters are designed to be used in games. We want them to show up on your campaign portals and in the games you run at home and at conventions. To facilitate that kind of use, we will release this content under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, allowing you to work these great images and ideas into your games and expand upon what we’ve made.

The Character Cache is available at Patreon.