End Transmission Games Launches Surprising Things Kickstarter!

MagicTomeEnd Transmission Games, the team that brought you Psionics, The Singularity System, Anathema, and SPLINTER, has launched their next Kickstarter project – SPLINTER: Surprising Things.

SPLINTER is a tabletop roleplaying game where you delve the infinite levels of a randomly generated dungeon. As the shape-shifting Avatar of an immortal Bloodline, you have the power to Tune, using your Harmonic Disciplines to alter the fabric of reality through will alone. You will find, craft, and wield high-tech artifacts left behind by a pantheon of lost civilizations in your struggle to survive the denizens and dangers of the Splinter.

The catch is that all of your adventures are recorded and broadcast live as the premier entertainment source for the people of Earth’s dystopian future in the year 2471. Perish in the Splinter, and your Player is just as dead as his avatar. Kill your way to the top, and your Player can become a star.

Now, End Transmission plans to make the Splinter even more awesome by adding two new books to the SPLINTER family: “Ugly Things” will include a huge menagerie of weird and terrifying and dangerous and fascinating creatures; “Sometimes Little Wondrous Things” will include a huge treasure trove of weapons, equipment, gear, “magic items”, and “technology”, along with a grimoire of new magic spells, and other goodies.

Check out the SPLINTER: Surprising Things Kickstarter here!