Fae Noir Comic Kickstarter Now Live!

Fae Noir Green Fairy Games 2017Set in the world of the Fae Noir RPG, the comic is a classic post-WWI immigrant tale about a goblin and a troll… featuring the undead and the invasion of Long Island by the creatures of faery.

The Kickstarter is for the first of a six-issue, all-original story-arc. You can find it here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1738025468/fae-noir-comic-issue-1/

And, to celebrate the Kickstarter, we’re offering the full Fae Noir tabletop RPG for only $1!

Creator Justin Bow was interviewed about the comic, the kickstarter and Fae Noir by Secret Identity Podcast.

About the Fae Noir Comic

Fae Noir Green Fairy Games 2017At the height of World War I, the creatures of mythology returned from a self-imposed 500 year exile and tried to knock humanity back to the stone age.

Although mankind had long forgotten the power of magic, their new, terrifying weapons like machine guns and poison gas evened the odds.

Now, it’s the Roaring 20’s and everyone wants to forget the horrors of a war that spanned continents and dimensions. But the changes it wrought are not so easily dismissed. Humanity struggles to understand a world of re-awakened magic and folklore come to life. The failed invaders from the lands of faery find themselves adrift in the unfamiliar modern world, living relics of the past. It is an era of jazz and exploration, of art deco and danger; a time when the fists and courage of individuals can determine the course of history.

This story can’t come to life without your support! Please check out the Kickstarter and feel free to reshare.