Fraser Ronald Launches His Patreon!

Patreon Covers Swords Edge Publishing 2017

Fraser Ronald, the RPG designer behind Sword’s Edge, Nefertiti Overdrive, Centurion, and Sword Noir, has launched his Patreon. His fiction has been published in On Spec, Black Gate, and Fantastic Stories. He was a co-host on the modern gaming podcast the Accidental Survivors and is now a co-host on the Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast.

This Patreon will support monthly electronic releases of adventures, games, and some genre fiction. Some of the adventures will be designed for convention play, meaning they are one-shots that run about four hours. Other adventures will be longer stories designed as campaigns. The RPGs will be under 50 pages, with simple mechanics geared toward supporting strong narratives. The genre fiction will be mostly fantasy short stories, but may also include novel-sized serial fiction.

All patrons will receive a special Basic Patreon Edition of Sword’s Edge, which provides the rules but lacks much of the explanatory text and examples of the book. This will allow those who do not have Sword’s Edge to utilize the adventures which use that system. A free Quickstart is already available for Nefertiti Overdrive. Three products are scheduled for release in the coming three months.

LawlessHeaven Swords Edge Publishing 2017Four cops. One hundred criminals. Countless broken bones.

23 September, will see “Lawless Heaven,” an adventure for Sword’s Edge based on Korean action cinema, released as a PDF. The player characters are police and spies in the city of Ulsan, South Korea, attempting to crack a heroin smuggling ring. As they get closer to the centre, the fire gets a lot hotter, and they realize something else entirely might be going on.


Face Splosion Swords Edge Publishing 2017Pack clean underwear, a sandwich, body armour, and the biggest damn gun you can find.

21 October, “Face ‘Splosion,” a Sword’s Edge PDF adventure sci-fi actioner that’s an homage to the Borderlands video games will escape its bonds. An information broker and freelance intelligence operative is captured on the abandoned corporate colony of Anesidora, and the player characters accept the contract to find her and get her offworld. With no law to speak of in the wastelands of the mined-out planet, the player characters can expect more than a little face-shootiness.


Judged Swords Edge Publishing 2017The assassins seek the death of the pharoah’s closest councillor, but she and her colleagues will show these “Judges of Ammit” how to properly deal death.

18 November, “Judged,” an adventure in PDF for Nefertiti Overdrive that bridges the adventure in the Quickstart Rules and in the main book, can be in your hands. As the dread superpower of the ancient Near East bears down on Egypt, assassins from a supernatural cult seek out the Princess. She does not wait, and with Egypt’s greatest warriors at her side, she hunts down the assassins, intent on removing a threat at the kingdom’s heart.

The following month will see the release of other short products, usually around 20 pages in length. Other releases will include other adventures, campaign frameworks, role-playing games, and short fiction. Backers will have a chance to influence future releases, voting on the type of products they would like to see in the queue, and deciding which products should take priority.

Head on over to and help support more adventures, more games, and more fun.