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GM's Day Sale 2017 DriveThruRPG

The GM. We call them by many names: Gamemaster; Dungeon Master; Dragonmaster; Loremaster; MC; Navigator; friend; enemy; frenemy. They keep the games moving, usually downwards along with our HP, oversee the rules, and generally plot our demise. They are, at once, cruise director, narrator, evil mastermind, and the nucleus of our gaming atom. On March 4th each year, we honor these special individuals with GM’s Day, and the IGDN is helping the festivities by offering some of our favorite games at a nice, tidy discount. But you don’t need to be a GM to enjoy the savings! Here are just a few of our offerings this year.

GM's Day Sale 2017TAG Sessions has numerous games for sale and Tobie Abad’s excellent A Single Moment is right at the top of that list. This innovative RPG is about the flashing moment of a samurai duel, and is for two players.

Eloy Lasanta and Third Eye Games’ entire catalog is participating in the sale! Sins of the Father is one of his newest creations. It’s a game about “spiritual debt”, magic, and evil and uses an especially cool playing card-based resolution mechanic. Give it a look, along with all the other favorites like the AMP series and Ninja Crusade.

Have a look at Todd Crapper’s many games, including ScreenPlay. In this unique story game, you star as writers creating a great work together, developing characters, and telling tales. Based on this ruleset is the Ironbound setting, a dark fantasy game where you tell the story of magick hunters in an original world.

Just out earlier this year from Gaming Ballistic is Dungeon Grappling. This is a complete ruleset for grappling in combat, compatible with most of your favorite systems. If you’ve ever wondered how to run that scene where your barbarian tangles with a kraken, then you need this book.

All of Joel Spark’s popular Call of Catthuluhu games or on sale as well. This series takes the classic setting of investigators digging into the terrible, Lovecraftian mysteries of the universe, and replaces the investigators with cats! Try a spin on the usual Cthulhu horror tales.

GM's Day Sale 2017Another game released recently, and now on sale, is Murders & Acquisitions by Nerdburger games. Life at the office means sabotage and homicide just to get ahead! Take corporate drama and espionage to the next level. The setting is unique, as are the mechanics, and it’s all good fun.

Growling Door Games also has their entire library for sale! This includes SAVE, Tragedy in 5 Acts, curse the darkness, Infinite Shadows, Road to Hell on Earth, and the popular Chill 3rd edition. In this game you are people standing up against monsters, hunting down supernatural threats and protecting the world from the Unknown. You don’t have to be a superhero to be a member of SAVE; you just have to stand up and join us.

The trio of romance themed games, The Romance Trilogy, is included in this year’s GM’s Day sale as well! Emily Care Boss has written thoughtful games about courtship, love loss, and tragedy, including hacks and mods to further customize the experience.

Angry Hamster Games have joined the sale with titles such as WITCH: Fated Souls. You are a member of the Fated. An entire new world has opened up to you. This new world is filled with different planes to explore, magical creatures, beasts woven from dreamstuff and monsters wrapped in nightmares! Their games also include Afterlife and Familiars of Terra.

Glittercats is offering their games for sale, Laser Kittens and The Fool’s Journey. The Fool’s Journey uses tarot cards to form a story, during which you bid against other players to rearrange!

GM's Day Sale 2017Our friends at Galileo Games have their catalogue up for the GM’s Day sale. At the top of their list is Bulldogs!, the game of interplanetary action! Characters are members of the TransGalaxy PanGalactic Corporation, freebooting ruffians flying from planet to planet causing trouble.

Hoodoo Blues, Fates Worse Than Death, Kidworld, and many others are all a part of the lineup Vajra Enterprises has for the big sale. Take your table to the supernatural southern United States of yore; a future Manhattan where anarchy reigns; or an entire world run entirely by children with these unique titles.

All Accessible Games products are on sale as well, including the Accessible Guide to RPG Layout. It is an introduction to accessible layout techniques and best practices, including how to create PDFs with accessible features. Or check out Monster Kart Mayhem, a speed race and battle royale of monstrous proportions!

Magpie Games has a bunch of titles in the sale, including Epyllion: A Dragon Epic. This easy-to-learn adventure game helps you tell the stories of a brave clutch of young dragons. The sale also includes Masks: A New Generation, ENnie-award winning Urban Shadows, and all the issues of the Fate Codex!

Finally comes The Book of Tarrasque from Encoded Designs. This is a 5e compatible ruleset, with rich setting details, all about the fabled tarrasque. It’s beautifully illustrated and painstakingly written, perfect for your next fantasy game.

This sizable list is still just a sampling of the many games from IGDN and beyond that are a part of this year’s GM’s Day sale! Whether you’re a player, a GM, or both, it’s the time to cash in on those games you’ve been holding off on. Sale ends on March 13th!