Growling Door Games Announces Monsters for Chill 3rd Edition

GargoyleGrowling Door Games is pleased to announce a Kickstarter for the first antagonist sourcebook for Chill Third Edition, entitled Monsters. Monsters launched on Kickstarter at October 4th and is already 50% funded, with four more weeks to go!

Monsters is a sourcebook in the style of Vampires, Horrors of North America, and other books previously published for Chill 2nd Edition. The book includes material for players and Chill Masters alike:

  • Further expansion on the history of SAVE and how it came to classify creatures of the Unknown using the Garrett System
  • 10 new creatures of the Unknown, including the fearsome gargoyle and the vicious hodag
  • A more detailed look at some of the monsters included in Chill, such as the digital entity
  • New pregenerated characters for use as supporting envoys or as PCs
  • New “campaign-length” cases, meant to string together several investigations and confrontations with the Unknown into a longer story arc
  • A brand-new comic with art by Leonard O’Grady
  • New Edges & Drawbacks for SAVE envoys

The Monsters Kickstarter ends at 11:59PM, EST, on Halloween night. Please join us!