Growling Door Games Announces the Release of SAVE: The Eternal Society

SAVE The Eternal SocietyFollowing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Growling Door Games is pleased to announce the release of the first sourcebook for its Chill Third Edition game line, entitled SAVE: The Eternal Society. SAVE will be available in PDF via DriveThruRPG on June 8, 2016, and in softcover through Indie Press Revolution in August 2016.
“The truth is that no manifesto can save the world, no set of laws will save us from the clawing, lurking hands of the Unknown that surround us. At the end of the night, our envoys fight alone against the darkness. When the world stands at the brink of destruction, only those who are ready and able to defend it can say just how far they need to go to ensure our survival.

“When everything has gone wrong, our envoys will stand and make their choices free of any rules, and we will pray they make the right ones.”

—Hayat Nejem, “How to SAVE the World”

SAVE: The Eternal Society looks at the type of people who join the Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata. It examines the history of the organization and the rise of Hayat Nejem’s cell-based approach to fighting the Unknown, and provides and expanded system for building a SAVE HQ for your Chill stories. In addition, this book provides four new cases for SAVE envoys to experience, and 10 new creatures to bedevil and terrify them.

Anyone can join the Society. All that’s required is the will to face the Unknown. Do you have it?