Growling Door Games presents SAVE: The Eternal Society

Chill healerThe supernatural is not glamorous or romantic. It is hungry, fierce, and it hates humanity. For more than a century, the envoys of the Eternal Society of the Silver Way – or SAVE – have investigated the Unknown to protect humanity against its predations.

SAVE has suffered much in the last few decades. An attack on its World Headquarters in 1989 drove it underground, and an infiltration in 2000 left regional headquarters adrift and cut off. Now, a new leader, Hayat Nejem, has shown the Society a new way to combat the Unknown and remain hidden. All that SAVE has to do to survive is listen to her.

SAVE: The Eternal Society is the first sourcebook for Chill Third Edition. It is presently 50% funded on Kickstarter, with three weeks left to go. SAVE is being developed by Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and written by a diverse group of authors including Eddy Webb, Steffie de Vaan, Meghan Fitzgerald, Bill Bodden, Misha Bushyager, Jonathan McFarland, Morgan A. McLaughlin-McFarland, Aladair Stuart, Danielle Lauzon, and Leath Sheales.

The book will include expanded history for SAVE, instructions and systems for groups to create their own HQs, new Edges, Drawbacks, and creatures of the Unknown, and four sample cases for SAVE envoys to experience. In addition, for every 100 backers, Growling Door Games will create and release a free scenario! You can see an example of one such scenario at