IGDN at BreakoutCon 2017

The IGDN is taking over Toronto! A large number of our members are going to be at BreakoutCon, March 10th to 12th. Breakout is quickly becoming a convention with one of the largest RPG tracks in Canada with three days of 24/7 gaming!

IGDN Breakout Guests includes:

Emily Care Boss

Maggie Carroll

Todd Crapper

Stentor Danielson

Jonathan Lavallee

Michelle Lyons-McFarland

Matthew McFarland

Jason Pitre

Fraser Ronald

If you’re in the area, you should head out to BreakoutCon and check out these amazing games that are being run by our members! You can hang out, chat about games with everyone, and see what amazing

Here are some amazing games being run by IGDN members.


Emily Care Boss is running the following games:

Ere Camlann larp

In the time of legend, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot fought, loved and conquered. Play out the quests and romance of this tragic tale. A live action drama, with adventurous storytelling interludes for the knights’ quests. An original system from the Romance Trilogy.

The Prize

On the lost Isle of Winter, two students have been studying the arts of music and magic from an ancient Archmage. Now the mage is dying, and just one will become the new master of the Isle. Will it be you? A variant of Shooting the Moon from the Romance Trilogy.

Misericord(e): The Coronation Intrigue

At the Midwinter feast, guildsmembers vie to tell the best tale and bring glory to their guild. This year a lowly thief tells a tale of how his guild saved the Sovereign on their coronation day. Your adventure is that tale! A diceless tabletop storytelling and role playing game. Inspired by the 1001 Nights system, but using Tarot cards.


Todd Crapper is running the following games:

High Plains Samurai 2017 Broken Ruler Games

High Plains Samurai: Connecting the Five Cities is the Salvation, an armoured tank racing through the acidic desert known as the Wastes. Prone to bandit raids and attacks from the land itself, this introductory scene for Samurai involves a train robbery… on acid. Play as a qi warrior in this post-apocalyptic western/samurai/steampunk world with superpowered heroes where anything is possible.

Ironbound 2017 Broken Ruler Games

Ironbound: In the long forgotten kingdom of Alduire, dark threats loom over the people. Magick is forbidden and seen as the work of the Devil. Enforcing the King’s will are the ancient order of the Ironbound, combating the witches and warlocks operating in the shadows, you are one of five specialists working together to combat their vile spells and rituals. Using the ScreenPlay system from Broken Ruler Games, get ready to dive head first into this dark fantasy story told by YOU.

Killshot 2017 Broken Ruler Games

Killshot: Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes people need to die to keep the peace. That’s where assassins come in handy, doing the dirty deeds that need doing. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is where you learn to get blood on your hands. Literally. Think you have the balls to be a professional? Think you can work as a team to get the job done? There’s only one way to find out. Hey, it’s your funeral if you fail.   


Stentor Danielson is running the following games:

Laser Kittens cover

Laser Kittens: Welcome to the Knoll St School for Wayward Kittens, a big house where tiny orphaned kittens learn to grow up to be awesome cats. You’ll go on kitty adventures and learn to use your laser, a unique superpower the humans don’t know about!


Baby dinosaurs learn to find their way in a world where humans and dinos live side by side. Every baby has to learn to use their unique dinosaur roar! Based on the Laser Kittens system.

Get Ready 2 Rock

Your band is at the top of the charts and headed out on tour. But big egos and poor decision-making will turn this tour into an adventure before you even make it to the stage. Get Ready 2 Rock is a tale of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll using the Powered by the Apocalypse system.


Jonathan Lavallee is running the following games:

Critical! Go Westerly 2017 Firestorm Ink

Critical!: Go Westerly – Faux Dungeon: The city of Prend has finally finished it’s Faux Dungeon. Now, instead of spending trying to earn your keep in a cold, uncaring, and frankly deadly world … you can spend your money inside the Faux Dungeon! Earn all the experience that you need by attacking various pre-planned enemies. Everything you could want out in the real world in your Faux Dungeon.

We Used To Be Friends 2017 Firestorm Ink

We Used To Be Friends: Play this cooperative teenage detective game! We’ll have a city, and a school prebuilt for you but you’ll make your characters, build your relationships, and come up with a mystery together. Then you’ll play out what’s going to happen, to find out what happens!


Matthew McFarland is running the following games:

Chill cover

Chill: Temple of the Skin Man: A sickness is spreading from the Upended Lotus temple. An old wound reopens and spills corruption and disease, and the only way to heal it is to descend into darkness and confront it.

Chill: Whispered Confessions

The catacombs below the Memorial Park cemetery have been closed off for more than 20 years. Now, a curious student of the Unknown has opened them, and in the process, called up something that should have been left to sleep. What will the SAVE envoys find in the dark, buried behind bricks and dust?

curse the darkness 2017 Growling Door Games

curse the darkness: It’s been 10 years since they shadows opened, 10 years since He forbade any expression of ideology. And you’re left with the question: Is this good enough? Can you live in this world, or do you want to reclaim some of your identity? Do you light a candle, or curse the darkness?


Michelle Lyons-McFarland is running the following game:

Tragedy in Five Acts 2017 Growling Door Games

Tragedy in Five Acts: All My Circuits edition: Tragedy in Five Acts is a cooperative/competitive storytelling game that helps you create a Shakespearean experience without any knowledge of Shakespeare! Watch the drama unfold as lovers are betrayed, rivals fight to the bitter end, and it ends poorly for everyone in a web of tragedy.


Fraser Ronald is running the following game:

Lawless Heaven 2017 Swords Edge Publishing

Lawless Heaven: Four cops. One hundred criminals. Countless broken bones. A love letter to Korean action cinema, “Mubap Chundang” (Lawless Heaven) sees three cops and an intelligence operative in South Korea’s industrial heartland face off against a local gang involved in a heroin smuggling ring. The cops have only one order: bust the ring, but no one realizes the true depth of this particular cesspool. The game will be run with the updated Sword’s Edge RPG system.