IGDN Metatopia Scholarship, Deadline Oct. 9

Metatopia 2014: the game design festivalIn collaboration with Double Exposure, we are happy to offer the 2nd Annual Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) Scholarship for a game developer to attend Metatopia, The Game Design Festival. This scholarship will cover a room and convention registration, as well as up to $500 of travel expenses. This scholarship is part of the IGDN’s larger mission of supporting a thriving game design community filled with a diverse and exciting set of voices.

The scholarship will be awarded to a designer who hails from marginalized communities or whose work supports the discussion and exploration of issues that affect diverse groups. Designers who are interested in applying for the scholarship must fill out an application form, found here, by October 9th, 2015.

It is not a requirement that an applicant’s work is published to be considered for the scholarship, but they must be working on a game. The IGDN is committed to bringing new and undiscovered talent, especially from diverse communities, into the gaming industry, and the application committee will be looking at a variety of factors in addition to publishing credits. Current IGDN members cannot apply for the scholarship, although we hope scholarship finalists will consider joining the IGDN after Metatopia.

Applications will go to a committee of IGDN members who will look over all the applications and discuss the applicants’ strengths. After they have looked at and discussed each application, they will nominate a winner. The nomination will go to the IGDN President and Treasurer for final approval. Once final approval is made, then the winner will be notified by October 12th, 2014 and arrangements will be made with Double Exposure for payment upon arrival at the convention.

If you don’t think you qualify for the scholarship, but want to help out, we welcome any donations on our GoFundMe. Depending on the amount we receive in donations, we may be able to offer more to the winner or possibly choose multiple winners.

Please share this effort with all of our social media outlets, and with anyone you feel is a great fit for the scholarship. We want a diverse set of applicants from all corners of the industry! We look forward to your applications!

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  1. I have 50 pages written on this post apocalyptic game where the players are warriors genetically – engineered to defeat humanity’s very real nightmares.

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