Liz Chaipraditkul on the Gauntlet!

7th Sea John Wick Presents 2017IGDN member Liz Chaipraditkul was recently on The Gauntlet Podcast, discussing her work as a developer on 7th Sea, how RPGs handle diversity, specifically Orientalism, and much more, including her game Witch: Fated Souls and her recently completed Kickstarter, The Monster. The Gauntlet is a podcast dedicated to discussing games the community is playing, as well as tips for players and GMs.

You can listen to Liz talk at the link below:

2 thoughts on “Liz Chaipraditkul on the Gauntlet!

  1. I am an aspiring RPG designer. I was wondering if there are any pointers that could be given. Thank you.

    • Hey Heath!

      We’d love to talk to you. Please email info [at] IGDNonline [dot] com and let us know what kind of help you’re looking for. 🙂

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