Meet our partners — Ottawa Story Games and Games to Gather

We’re pleased to partner with Ottawa Story Games and Games to Gather to sponsor the 2016 Metatopia Scholarship. There’s still time to apply!

Games to GatherGames to Gather is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon that cultivates an active gaming community through positive action. By exploring awareness-raising and collaborative games we strive to bring people from all walks of life together for potent and insightful play experiences. We believe games that ask questions about what is and what could be have the power to inspire growth and change.

We place an emphasis on games that engage with current social or personal subjects, though there is a place for games that are purely for fun, too. We host monthly events that focus on narrative driven story and role playing games, improvisational freeform games and larp, tabletop games of all sorts and the occasional unclassifiable oddball. To explore this array of games we’ve developed tools and practices to assist players of different preferences in achieving productive play experiences. In addition to our general gaming events we also host events for womyn and girls, and LGBTQIA.

Beyond gameplay, Games to Gather supports a community wide game design effort to develop socially curious and personally expressive games through focus groups, play studies, play testing, game jams, and work sessions. Our objective with game design is to demonstrate that anyone with an idea can make a high quality analog game, with support readily available to all members of the community. Game designers from our community have gone on to win contests, publish their games through successful crowdfunding campaigns, and have been recognized both nationally and internationally at game design festivals around the world.

All of these activities are supported by a robust inclusion-centric conduct agreement that informs community practices at all levels. Games to Gather events strive to be as equitable as possible to people of different lived experiences by providing plenty of information up front, implementing tools that allow players to establish their boundaries with minimal risk of social repercussion, and by balancing events to account for the needs of a dynamic community.

As Games to Gather enters it’s fourth year of operation, we look back on the hundreds of games, stories, and discussions we’ve shared both at monthly meetups and annual festivals, and eagerly look forward to the next chapter: activism through game design. The next year holds the promise of bringing game design to at-risk youth and other community outreach efforts, publishing collections of games and essays, and of course, many memorable games large and small.

Ottawa Story GamesOttawa Story Games is a regional analog game association, centered in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of eastern Canada. Founded by Genesis of Legend Publishing and a cadre of professional organizers, the organization exists to support play, design, and education within our local community.

Ottawa Story Games has a presence at many local conventions, where we sell independent roleplaying games on behalf of local publishers and welcome guests. We organize design meetups and workshops on a periodic basis, with the community coming together for playtesting efforts. Our goal as an association is to foster a vibrant, world-class local design community. We are very proud to partner with the IGDN and Double Exposure to support the 2017 Metatopia Scholarship.