Metatopia Scholarship Now Live!

Metatopia 2017 Double Exposure, Inc. 2017

The application for the Metatopia scholarship is now live, and each and every designer from a marginalized community working on their first game is encouraged to apply. This includes women, PoC, and LGBTQIA.

Apply here:

The scholarship is a joint effort between the Indie Game Developer Network and Double Exposure, Inc. to raise the number of diverse designers in the field. It does this by sending a group of new designers to Metatopia to playtest their game. The scholarship provides a travel stipend, designer badge, and room for the duration of the conventions. Scholarship winners will also be matched with a mentor and will join the rest of the scholarship recipients for breakfast every day to talk through their experience.

We are also supported by the following partner organizations: NerdABQ, Big Bad Con, Games to Gather, and Ottawa Story Games. These partner organizations commit to reaching out to their community to find new applicants and pay a portion of the travel cost for a recipient from their community. We couldn’t do this without them!

If you’d like to contribute to the GoFundMe sending this next round of new designers to Metatopia, you can find it here:

Below are a few quotes from previous recipients:

“I went there with a sense of feeling exposed but left feeling pretty comfortable. And apply for the IGDN scholarship! I honestly thought I had no chance of winning. I figured there would be someone with more experience, better games, something. A real game designer, if you will, but that was nonsense. I had a game to playtest, and had an incredible experience.”
– Sarah Richardson, co-designer of Bluebeard’s Bride

I enjoyed my time at Metatopia 2016 immensely. The environment, the attendees, and the support were all top-notch. Having the ability to speak with so many talented people, from all aspects of the RPG publishing industry, was an invaluable experience to have and helped me grow as a new designer. Without the IGDN scholarship, that simply would not have happened. I live in the southwest, where there are not many opportunities for our community to gather like this, and my ability to attend conventions is limited. So I am deeply appreciative of the IGDN for giving me the chance to attend Metatopia.
-J. Derrick Kapchinsky

Metatopia was a transformative experience for me not only as a game designer, but as a player. As a designer, having a dedicated group of players ready to try something in progress and provide useful feedback was invaluable. As a player I had a blast trying out new things, getting new ideas, and seeing early drafts of games I’ve since seen go on to be published. Metatopia is definitely a game convention like no other, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to go.
– Jeremy Alva

As one of the few people who ran and playtested traditional TRPGs at Metatopia, the experience was valuable and informative. I got an amount of playtesting and critical feedback that would have taken weeks accomplished in just a couple of days!
-Kiel Chenier, designer of Blood In The Chocolate, Gold Ennie winner for Best Adventure

As someone new to gaming, gaming conventions, and game design, Metatopia was an entirely new experience. It was an honour to be chosen as a sponsorship winner. My favorite part of winning the sponsorship was spending time with my cohort- I loved the opportunity to bond with a diverse group, and I hope to see all of them again in the future. I learned that I really enjoy being on panels, which is something I never would have had the opportunity to explore without Metatopia. The playtesting provided some very helpful feedback for developing my game, but the best part of the convention was meeting so many wonderful people and being part of so many engaging discussions- which I never would have been able to experience without the Metatopia sponsorship program.
-Krissy Bullock

Please apply, please contribute to the GoFundMe, and watch this space for the announcement of our scholarship winners!

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