Metatopia scholarship winners announced!

The Indie Game Developer Network is pleased to announce that we will be awarding four scholarships for game designers to attend Metatopia next month. Thanks to the generosity of donors to our GoFundMe campaign and the help of Double Exposure (the folks behind Metatopia), each award brings $500 towards travel expenses, plus room at the conference hotel and admission to the conference. With 31 applicants it was a tough choice, but the following four designers were selected by IGDN’s scholarship committee:

Metatopia-HelmAlex Helm

Alex is well-known in the UK as a designer of all manner of games, in particular those focused on character development and intense scenarios that makes characters challenge their very being. Alex has put this concept into practice in all kinds of games from traditional tabletop RPGs to storygames and larp. Alex is a keen designer of larp games, both one-off theatre-style games and traditional outdoor combat games. Some years ago, Alex founded a Warhammer 40,000 larp system called Death unto Darkness, which became highly successful and popular. A few years ago, Alex discovered the joys of storygaming and has focused design efforts towards these sorts of games. Alex is absolutely thrilled to be selected for the IGDN scholarship programme, and will be bringing a game called ‘Nemesis 382’ – a storygame about the crew of an experimental spacecraft on the verge of exploring a black hole, which is due to be published by Pelgrane Press at the end of the year.

Metatopia-LamKimberley Lam

Kim is a game player, hacker and designer hailing from the oil- and cow-rich jungles of Alberta, Canada. Her gaming interests are diverse, ranging from well-known tabletops to theatrical LARP campaigns, with a fondness for games that encourage emotional exploration and vulnerability. She has run seminars at Nerdly North on active community building and the impact of community silence. She is also a crime-fighting social justice monk and an amateur origami artist.

Metatopia-SylvanoJay Sylvano

Jay is a graphic designer, illustrator and social justice panda who recently relocated from South Africa to Portland, OR. Coming to the States led to an introduction to story gaming and the power of raising awareness through enriching play. She has since helped to build a community in Portland dedicated to positive action gaming and responsible game design, and is now a board member with local non-profit Games To Gather.

Metatopia-LaRocheAndré La Roche

André La Roche is a gamer and an attorney. Despite this otherwise deadly combination of character flaws, he’s pretty relaxed at the gaming table. He previously worked on Margaret Weis Productions’ Dragonlance game line. André aspires to be a warrior-poet, and spends his free time randomly spouting existential platitudes.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, all four of you! I look forward to trying your games out in the near future. 🙂

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