Murders & Acquisitions: Downsized But Still Twitching

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NerdBurger Games’ inaugural RPG, Murders & Acquisitions, has gotten downsized. 

M&A is a tabletop RPG of subterfuge, espionage, intrigue, theft, and murder in an absurd, tongue-in-cheek corporate world. The game has been available at since December of 2016. PDF for $15. Softcover for $30. Hardcover for $35. Buying the physical book gets you the PDF for free.

BUT, there’s an even more economical version of the game available now! Murders & Acquisitions: Downsized Edition is the complete core game, but without the 5 chapters/70 pages of optional plug-and-play rules that add fantastic elements to the game. If you like your corporate shenanigans straight-forward, M&A Downsized is right for you. Just $8 for a 100-page PDF.

Note: Both versions of M&A are a complete game, with everything players and GMs need to play the game. There’s also a variety of free PDF support materials available at

Murders & Acquisitions Live Play Twitch Show:

M&A will be featured on DSPN Presents, at the Don’t Split the Podcast Network. Designer Craig Campbell will run a full session on the DSPN Twitch channel on Saturday, June 10th, starting at 5pm Eastern. Afterwards, it’ll be available on the DSPN YouTube channel and will be broken into pieces on the DSPN podcast site sometime in July. 

See Murders & Acquisitions in action with a group of great players that will certainly keep Craig on his toes. 

Failure to watch will result in immediate termination.