Need some Gen Con Games?

Gen Con 50

The IGDN has its own room at Gen Con 50 inside the Indiana Convention Center! It’s located on the second floor right by the exhibit hall!

The IGDN Room is #239!

If you want to escape the crush of the exhibit hall, or are looking for some great ways to spend your time, you should check out the following IGDN member events!

IGDN Room Map Gen Con 50 2017

Phantom Pain by Parenthesis Press

Play an archetype of the Major Arcana defending our world from nightmares that have crossed through the looking glass in a fun, fast, narrative system powered by the turn of a Tarot deck.

A terrible, unknown dream-creature haunts the mirror-ways, preying upon dreamers and dream-folk alike. The players must destroy it before its power threatens even them!

Game ID: RPG17107300, Thursday at 10:00 AM

Game ID: RPG17107301, Friday at 10:00 AM


Norse Ivory by Molten Sulfur Press

Norse Ivory is a game about heritage and faith set in 994 A.D. You play as Normans, descendants of Vikings who settled in France. In the generations since, you traded Norse language and gods for Christianity and Old French. Now your duke has sent you north to the frozen land of your pagan ancestors. Expect no joyous homecoming.

It’s an epic tale on the open sea, rich with pathos and character development, that will take you to the very edge of the known world. If you like historical fiction, heavy roleplay, or Vikings, you’re going to love Norse Ivory.

Game ID: RPG17107577, Sunday at 10:00 AM


Gears of Defiance by Loremaster Games

Gears of Defiance is a steampunk RPG about oppression and family. The Red Empire has had its boot on your people for a long time, and the only way to gain back your rights and status is by upsetting the status quo. The players around the table are members of your family, and how far you go to keep the family together is a personal decision each player will make. Experience dramatic tension as you start to push back against the Empire, but you must decide how far you’re willing to push. Are you willing to plunge the whole Empire into chaos to free yourself from oppression? Sometimes that is the only way.

Game ID: RPG17107224, Thursday at 12:00 PM


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