New Worlds to Leap Into … and Nap In

Worlds of Catthulhu CoverThe rumors are true: Emerging from the dimensional vortex, it’s “Worlds of CATTHULHU!” Nine new settings for playing cats of all kinds as you combat cosmic chaos across the multiverse, defeating cults, foiling conspiracies, and still making it home for din-din. A herd of great indie RPG writers open the ways to brand new worlds like “Gaslamp & Gearbox,” “The Catthulhu Code,” and “Galaxy Warriors vs. the Robo-Cats.”

Plus the incredibly detailed campaign setting “CATS OF FUIRY:” Strive for Status in the feline Seelie Court of Queen Catania as a wily Courtier, valiant Knight, deranged Sorcerer, mysterious Changeling, or winged Aerialist!

WORLDS OF CATTHULHU: Endless Catventure, available at GENCON and through