Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Kickstarter Enters Final 48 Hours

Ninja Crusade 2nd EditionThe Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Third Eye Games’ RPG of high-flying martial arts action, is ready for the final showdown on Kickstarter. With just two days to go, the campaign has reached its funding goal and is working on unlocking new content to give you even more for your support.

So far we’ve funded a beautiful hardcover book and unlocked a new adventure to help you jump right into the action. We’ve revealed plans for a Ninja Crusade Living campaign and are approaching stretch goals to convert certain 1st Edition material to the new Chakra System.

If we hit our first edition conversion goals, backers will receive these PDFs at no additional cost. We’ll be converting three ninja clan sourcebooks: Firebrands, Land of Seed and Blossom, and Truth and Lies. After updating existing content to 2nd Edition, we’ll focus on stretch goals that add new content about Oni, Beast Realms, and Spirit Kingdoms. Finally, we’ll unlock a new adventure for every 50 backers we reach above 250, regardless of the dollar amount raised.

We still need your help to accomplish those conversions, unlock new adventures, and make the Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition the best game it can be. Come on by the Kickstarter to pledge your support before time runs out!