Laser Kittens

Laser Kittens is a storytelling game for 3-5 players. In this game you and your friends will take on the role of a litter of tiny kittens being fostered at the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens — a big house where orphaned kittens learn to grow up to be awesome cats before they get adopted by their forever home! You’ll learn important kitty lessons like how to lay in the sun, how to catch bugs, and most importantly, how to control your laser. Every cat has a laser, and every laser is different. Your laser gives you special powers, like duplicating objects or controlling other animals. If you’re not careful, your laser might go off without warning and cause some chaos!

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Product Features

Publisher Glittercats Fine Amusements
Author Stentor Danielson, Cheyenne Wall-Grimes
Artist Cynthia Lee
Size 6X9 inches/15X23 cm, 102 pages
Date 2016