Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals Now Available at DriveThruRPG

PSi Punk Corps and Criminals coverAccessible Games is proud to announce the first Psi-punk sourcebook is now available at DriveThruRPG. Corps and Criminals is a setting book which details dozens of organizations involved in shady practices, from petty theft to corporate espionage and everything in between.

In Psi-punk, you’ll enter a world where psychics exist and normal people have developed technology to compete with them in every walk of life. Crime families employ people with ESP and mind control to steal the secrets (and occasionally the identities) of others, while megacorps seek to capitalize on the phenomenon by emulating these gifts with technology and putting telekinesis into the hands of everyday citizens. Gangers and cartels go to great lengths to kidnap and experiment on mentals, then sell their knowledge to the highest-bidding corps.

This book expands on the world of Psi-punk, a Fudge-compatible cyberpunk RPG released in 2013. It provides Game Masters plenty of background on megacorporations, cartels, gangs, and mafias which can be imported into any campaign. These organizations have plenty of hooks for getting players involved in the story and explains how the PCs fit into (or run up against) them. Dozens of sample NPCs provide plenty of cannon fodder for your team, and the motives of these criminal empires provide plenty of backstory to keep everyone interested in what’s happening around the world.

If you haven’t joined the Psi-punk community yet, you can get the core book for a great price and follow up with Corps and Criminals at DriveThruRPG.