Shoot Cows Comes to Amazon Prime

Shoot Cows 2 boxMilton Roe Creative, LLC. is proud to announce that “Shoot Cows,” along with its first expansion “Shoot Cows 2: Swine Fu” has debuted on Amazon Prime, enabling fans all over the US to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s fast, free shipping.

Mad Cow Disease has mutated and each species of cow has reacted differently. Some have turned into zombies, others have gained sentience, and some have mutated into horrific monstrosities. Each player takes control of a party of Survivors as they explore the many locations of Holstein City. Do battle with cattle in this every-man-for-himself survival card game, where you’re trying to outwit not only the other players, but also the herd of killer cows. You may even have to temporarily team up with your opponents in order to survive — just remember, there can be only one winner!

Shoot Cows 2: Swine Fu “ups the steaks” even more with powerful martial arts pigs who’ve allied themselves with the hooved horde. It also introduces Kung Fu event cards that can turn the tide of battle — keeping your hand full, and the action fast. If you’re a fan of Munchkin-style explore/fight/double-cross card games, you’ll love the madcap mayhem and pun-filled action of Shoot Cows, and Shoot Cows 2: Swine Fu!