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Romance TrilogyThe Romance Trilogy, three rpgs exploring love and the human heart by Black & Green Games, will be released in a single volume in February 2016, supported by a Patreon campaign.

Black & Green Games has brought romance to the gaming table for a decade. In Breaking the Ice, players take the roles of two people going on their first three dates and experience the (often comical) ups and downs of love in the offing. Shooting the Moon creates a competitive love triangle which can be set in any genre, place, space or time. And Under my Skin, a live action game with a tabletop version, puts a circle of friends in the explosive situation of falling in love with the wrong people.

Patreon supporters get a discount on the Trilogy PDF and early access to new hacks and mods from the final volume, including:

Slashing the Veil – “shipping” your favorite fictional characters on their first three dates
Versus Nature – a life and death struggle to reach furthest reaches of the natural world
A Heart Knows – crafting a new world where we abandon our known boundaries and learn what love means beyond them

Also, ‘Ere Camlann, an Arthurian adaptation of Under my Skin; With the Woods, an escape to nature scenario for Breaking the Ice; Love is a Battlefield, a miniatures hack for Shooting the Moon, and many more.

One featured hack or mod will be posted per month, with more available at higher levels of support.

To learn more, visit the Romance Trilogy Hacks & Mods Patreon page.