Synthicide now available for pre-order

SynthicideWhen robots are gods, killing humans is fair game. A new tabletop RPG about a hostile universe where nothing is as it seems.

Synthicide brings the following to your game table:

  • A dark, hostile sci-fi setting where humans are worthless and money is everything
  • A galaxy full of noir adventures and high technology
  • The ACTIONS Rule Codex (ARC), an attribute-based rule-set designed for imaginative role-play and full-throttle combat
  • Automated GM Tools to quickly build NPCs, traps, and mission ideas – all on demand
  • A Plot Twist system with surprises for players and game masters alike
  • Optional rules to up the grittiness and depth of the game, including Faction Heat, Mental Trauma, and Shock Damage

Learn more about the game through its Kickstarter page.

Want in even though the campaign is over? Synthicide is accepting pre-orders through backerkit.