Tobie Abad back in local news!

7th Sea: Pirate Nations John Wick Presents 2017

Pinoy’s contribution to an award winning role-playing book celebrated in local news!

Tobie Abad of TAG Sessions was once again featured in GMA Network’s online portal on September 13, 2017. The article this time focused on his participation and contribution as a freelancer to the book, 7th Sea: Pirate Nations, which won a silver ENnie in the Best Supplement category.

In the Philippines, interest in role-playing games was prevalent during the mid 90s but dropped steeply with the influx of MMORPRGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games) and the negative press coming from religious camps. The recent upswing in interest in tabletop hobbies can be attributed to the rising interest in board games as well as the active efforts of various groups to introduce the hobby via small conventions and open table events.  Given local news typically features articles on showbiz and politics, the small focus on the hobby was quite unexpected. GMA Network is one of the two major news outlets in the Philippines. Hopefully, this also can reflect an upward trend in the interest in table top gaming as a hobby and perhaps inspire more people to try getting into gaming.

Here’s an excerpt:

When Filipino game designer Tobie Abad started developing tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) in the ‘90s, he probably entertained dreams of one day working on the industry’s biggest franchises. His efforts would eventually bear fruit, and he would go on to participate in various international projects, one of the most significant being “7th Sea: Pirate Nations,” the supplement to “7th Sea.”

He added: “To be honest, there are more Filipinos or people with Filipino ties already out there in the industry. I’m just happy to have helped bring up our visibility and I hope I help inspire more people to go for it and reach for their dreams.”

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*Pinoy is a local term used to refer to Filipinos.