Vajra Enterprises Releases The Man Burns and Makes Classic Books Available as PDFs

The Man Burns coverThe Man Burns, now available from Vajra Enterprises, is the first sourcebook for Seeker, the game of wandering mystics and philosophers on the backroads of weird America. The Man Burns details the yearly Burning Man festival and all the supernormal things Seekers may encounter there. This book is filled with color photographs of the festival and gives details that could be used to run a Burning Man campaign using any system.

Vajra Enterprises has also made Behind the Eyes of Madness, the last of its first-generation books, available for purchase as PDF. Until recently, all of Vajra’s classic game books (including Fates Worse Than Death, In Dark Alleys and Tibet) were only available for purchase in printed format. With the PDF release of Behind the Eyes of Madness, the entire Vajra Enterprises catalog is now available in PDF form. What’s more, when people purchase the PDF of any of these classic books, Vajra Enterprises will donate a printed copy of the book to a non-profit.

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