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We Used To Be Friends 2017 Firestorm InkWe Used To Be Friends is a cooperative teenage detective game that uses the Powered by the Apocalypse Engine. It’s heavily influenced by Veronica Mars, and other noir detective stories like Jessica Jones, Riverdale, and the Philip Marlowe books. Work together to create the mystery, and slowly uncover the clues to figure out who did it. This game is being released through Patreon, and pledging just $5 will get you the PDF version!

One of the exciting ways We Used To Be Friends works is with a focus on cooperative play. You’ll use move like Gumshoe to find clues in scenes, and then Put It All Together to associate those clues with suspects, or create a new suspect to the mystery. Work with three levels of mystery: episode one which will help solve what’s happening now, personal mystery which is something just your character wants to know, and the season long mystery that will change everything.

Because we’re dealing with teenagers friendship plays a huge part in the game, We Used To Be Friends has a series of moves that are linked to PCs and NPCs when you’re stuck for what to do in a scene, or if you want to figure out what might happen. For instance when you deal with an enemy, you could use the Enemy Move which says:

Whenever you interact with your enemy, Roll+Enemy.
On a 10+, choose 2 bonuses, and 1 situation
On a 7-9, choose 1 bonus, and 2 situations


  • Take +1 forward if you confront them about something they’ve done
  • Take +1 forward if you attack them
  • Take +1 forward if you interrupt their immediate plans


  • They start a fight
  • They get you in trouble
  • The invalidate a clue on the suspect with the most clues
  • They embarrass you in public
  • You have an emotional moment and change your relationship

You have an emotional moment and change your relationship Many Casefiles interact with these friend moves, and change your relationships with PCs and NPCs when you use them. The Hardboiled Casefile has the following move:

That’s Actually Old Testament
When you publicly vow revenge against someone who hurts you, Roll+Hard.
On a 10+ you make them a rival, and give them an emotional condition.
On a 7-9 you make them an enemy and give them an emotional condition.

Beyond that, each Casefile has their own Best Friend move, which is unique to their Casefile. It’s usually a way that will drive the character to get XP to grow. Who your character considers their best friend can change from episode to episode.

The Hardboiled Casefile has:
Best Friend
Your best friend is ___________________________. That means if they do you a favor, they get +1 forward to their roll when doing any move in regards to fulfilling favor. If they complete the favor you gain 1 XP.

Mixing mystery and friendship is the hallmark of the teenage detective show and We Used To Be Friends helps create that experience for you within the familiar confines of the Powered by the Apocalypse system.

Jonathan is working on getting this game ready for June. He’s looking for your help and support to get it going. You can back his subscription patreon at https://www.patreon.com/firestormink to get the PDF of the game before it goes live for just $5.