We Used To Be Friends Theatre

We Used To Be Friends 2017 Firestorm InkIGDN Member Jonathan Lavallee is excited to share an actual play podcast using his upcoming game We Used To Be Friends. Openly Gamer Theatre has put together a great cast to blend a radio drama and an actual play session where you get a radio drama for scenes, and then in between there’s discussion on how the game works and what ideas or questions they have for what’s going on in between. It’s a great blend that highlights some of the great things about actual play podcasts while at the same time giving a more immersive product.

There are currently three episodes up. The first two talk about character creation and the making of their city where they play. It’s called Twin Falls and you can listen to it at the links below.

Part 1 – http://openlygamer.com/wutbfmaking1/

Part 2 – http://openlygamer.com/wutbfmaking2/

They’ve also put out the first episode called Fire at Twin Falls, where the characters investigate a mysterious arson that happens in the city and one of their friend’s dad get blamed for it. The character try their best to figure out who actually burned down the guest house on the new Wiedman estate.

Episode 1 – http://openlygamer.com/fatfrpd/

These episodes can be listened to in your browser, or by subscribing to their feed on your podcast listening app of choice!

They’re also running a kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2020301852/gamerstable-returns and have helped produce a lot of actual play podcasts for quite a few IGDN members. You should listen to them all!