Wrath of the Autarch at Gen Con 50!

In the spring, we finished the western keep. It was ready for trade by summertime. We received wheat from the Sunriders in exchange for mana drawn from the Obsidian Wood. In the fall, the Empire laid siege. We were prepared. Many died, but the keep held. Now it is winter and we plan. We will take Dusk’s Ayrie. Strengthen our bonds with the Sunriders. Finish the mana forge. We will not rest. We have seen what the Autarch is capable of. And when summer arrives again, we march…

Wrath of the Autarch is a tabletop kingdom building game. The players create a society over the course of the campaign, called the Stronghold. One player controls the schemes of the Autarch, the ruler of an empire which opposes the Stronghold. The other players control important leaders and heroes from the Stronghold. The campaign ends when either the Autarch is stopped or the Stronghold falls.

Wrath of the Autarch will be available in the IGDN booth (#2437) at GenCon 50!

Wrath of the Autarch features:

  • Troupe based play
  • Domain management
  • Rules for shared narrative creation
  • Minigames for diplomacy, infiltration, skirmish, and warfare
  • Episodic, easy to drop in and out of a campaign

Wrath of the Autarch is played over a series of sessions. Each session of play highlights one season of time, focusing in on one important mission the Stronghold players wish to accomplish. Explore new lands, forge alliances with varied factions, infiltrate the Empire’s network of spies, and…

Build. Your. Kingdom.

Pick up the Wrath of the Autarch in the IGDN booth (#2437) at GenCon 50!