The IGDN is always looking for new members to diversify our ranks. The application processes can seem overwhelming so we’ve outlined what ours looks like for applicants. 

If you’re interested in joining the IGDN, please email:

  • Once we get your email our Membership Coordinator will send over an application.

  • When we have your completed application it is sent to our membership for discussion. During this time you may be contacted with follow-up questions.

  • Then, we vote on your application and you’re informed whether or not you’ve been accepted to join.

  • You start off in the IGDN as a probationary member and after a 3 months the IGDN leadership will vote to make you a full member.

IGDN Membership costs $100 per year. Probationary members are asked to pay $50 to start and the balance once they’re accepted as full members. 


Benefits of Joining the IGDN


The IGDN is a diverse group of creators, designers, and industry professionals. We work together to support one another’s projects and in the other daily struggles the industry brings. 


Working together with distributors, the IGDN provides distribution avenues for full members to sell their games.

Convention Support

Not everyone has the means to go to conventions like GenCon or Origins, but members of the IGDN may send their products to many different conferences via the IGDN booths, benefiting from our communal presence at conventions. We can also help source volunteer GMs to run our members’ games at events if the creators can’t be there themselves.

Printing Discounts

Full members enjoy the benefits of discounted printing with a trusted printing partner. Using our joint buying power the IGDN has set-up printing discounts with our printing partner for our members. 


Enjoy the benefits of the IGDN’s Basecamp subscription allowing members to create their own projects, work on projects with others, and organize their workflow.

And more...


Download our brochure here.