The Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) works to connect indie game developers in order to share resources, discover best practices, support collective action, and build a lasting indie developer community.


Membership Requirements

  • In order to gain membership, applicants must submit an application to the IGDN answering key questions about their development experiences, plans for the future, and design philosophy.
  • Members shall have a week to review these applications via the email list. Any member has veto power during this period.
  • At the end of a week, the applicant will be held up to a vote. The applicant needs 25% of the vote and no vetoes in order to gain membership.
  • If an applicant is denied membership for any reason, he or she may apply again in one year. Rejected applicants who complete the IGDN Mentorship program and gain the approval of their mentor may file a new application immediately.
  • Business partners of existing members may also join the list, but must make a separate application.

Community Standards

  • Open and constructive communication is encouraged in IGDN. However, certain behaviors will result in limitations on member’s participation including suspensions and bans from the organization.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of hate-speech will result in immediate consequences. Personal attacks or trolling will not be tolerated. Sexual Harassment, any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, is not tolerated. The community reserves the right to redirect or curtail conversations that violate these rules or that could put the community at any legal risk, including threats or offensive content.
  • Members who feel that another member has violated the community standards should notify the a member of the Leadership Committee. The decision for employing consequences rests in the hands of the President, advised by the broader Leadership Team.


  • Dues for new members are $50 for the first three months, the introductory period. During the introductory period (also known as a trial membershIp), initiates may take part in member discussion, access shared files, and participate in peer coaching. They will not cast votes for new members, amendments, or the leadership team, nor will they be counted for the purpose of determining vote thresholds. Access to other membership perks (such as distribution, print discounts, and convention space) may also be limited as determined by the coordinator of each activity. Once the trial membership is over, the Leadership team will take a majority vote to determine if the member is a good fit and should be given full membership status. Those who do not receive the majority or choose not to continue membership after the introductory period forgo all membership benefits.
  • Dues, after the introductory period, are $100 per year, prorated for members who begin their memberships after the 1st of the year.
  • Business Partners of existing members may purchase a membership at a 50% discount.


  • Expenditures under $50 can be approved directly by the President. Expenditures over $50 require the approval of the President and the Treasurer. Expenditures over $500 require 75% approval of the membership.
  • The Treasurer must submit to the Network a full accounting of the IGDN’s finances (for Oct 31 – Oct 31) of the previous year’s expenses by Nov 15. Between the period of time that annual financial report is issued, and the end of the calendar year, the President and the Treasurer must gain 50% approval of the Network for any financial transaction above $50.


  • The IGDN is led by the following elected leadership positions:
    • President – manages the email list, leads coordinated activity
    • Treasurer – reports on financials, handles payments and dues
    • Convention Coordinator – organizes official convention presence
    • Membership Coordinator – processes applications, gives new members essential info, etc.
  • In addition, the following appointed positions are filled by the President:
    • Marketing Coordinator – manages branding and messaging for the IGDN
    • Retail Coordinator – builds relationships with distributors and retail stores
    • Resource Coordinator — archives, manages, and integrates information resources for members
  • Elections will be held in December of each even year, with new officers taking office on Jan 1 of the following year and serving a term of two years. Elections will be held by secret ballot, with a referee selected by two-thirds of the membership. Full members in good standing may nominate themselves for leadership positions by contacting the election referee prior to the provided deadline.
  • Should a nominee wish to rescind their wish to participate in the leadership election, they must contact the election referee at least 48 hours prior to the start of
  • the election.
  • If for any reason an elected position is unfilled, the president may appoint an interim person to that position, with a special election for that position held three months later. The interim position holder may be elected to the position permanently as per the standard process.
  • If the presidential position is unfilled, the leadership team appoints an interim president by majority vote.
  • Leaders may not hold the same position three terms in a row.
  • No individual may concurrently hold more than one leadership position.


Any member may propose an Amendment to the Bylaws. In order for an Amendment to pass, it requires 75% of the membership to approve the language of the Amendment.