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President: Michelle Lyons-McFarland

Michelle Lyons-McFarland is a game designer, editor, writer,
co-owner of Growling Door Games, and lecturer in technical communications at Case Western Reserve University. She is the author of the Shakespeare-esque game A Tragedy in Five Acts, and has worked for and with companies throughout the tabletop game industry since 2000, including Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, and Vampire: the Requiem

Contact: president@igdnonline.com


Treasurer: Brennan Taylor

Brennan Taylor is a game designer and author of the games Bulldogs!, Mortal Coil, and How We Came to Live Here. He founded the tabletop publishing company Galileo Games in 1996, and was a co-founder of Indie Press Revolution. He lives in New Jersey.

Contact: treasurer@igdnonline.com


Membership Coordinator: Elizabeth Chaipraditkul

Elizabeth Chaipraditkul is a game developer, author, and owner of Angry Hamster Publishing. She is the author of dark fantasy game WITCH: Fated Souls and a game about human heroes and their animal companions Familiars of Terra. Liz has been the lead developer for John Wick Presents with books set in the 7th Sea World including the Crescent Empire and Heroes & Villains. She has also written for numerous companies including Wizards of the Coast, Onyx Path Publishing, Magpie Games, and Third Eye Games.

Contact: membership@igdnonline.com

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Convention Coordinator: Pete Petrusha

Pete Petrusha is an indie game designer, tabletop RPG promoter, and the founder of Imagining Games. He is the designer, author, and award nominated art director behind the empowering story building game, Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny. Pete promotes tabletop RPGs at a variety of conventions throughout the country and leads an Indie Games on Demand movement in his local area. He is a member of the Chicago Area Game Writers in Colloquium, a Herald for Envoy, and is a passionate proponent of the IGDN Metatopia Sponsorship. 

Contact: conventions@igdnonline.com


Marketing Coordinator: Steve Radabaugh

Steve Radabaugh, first of his name, is a freelance app developer, technology consultant, and game designer. He founded Radical Bomb Games in 2013 to explore the convergence of technology with tabletop gaming. His releases include Fate Core Folio
on iOS and Cast Off on iOS and Android. Steve lives, works,
and plays games in Worland, WY with his wife, two kids, and two dogs. 

Contact: marketing@igdnonline.com


Retail Coordinator: Jason Pitre

Jason Pitre is a game designer, writer, layout artist, podcaster, and barista. As the award-winning mind behind Genesis of Legend Publishing, he has designed such games as the Spark RPG, Posthuman Pathways, Sig: Manual of the Primes, and Lonely Timbers. Jason also produces the RPG Design Panelcast which presents recorded seminars and panels concerning game design and publishing. When he isn’t designing games, he works as a wildlife biologist in the frozen wilds of Canada. 

Contact: distribution@igdnonline.com