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2018 Winners

Congratulations to the 8 amazing designers that we are bringing to Metatopia in 2018


Mariam Ahmad

Mariam Ahmad is a veteran GM and game content creator from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. They/she are a part of a local gaming group that runs monthly mini-cons called Controlled Chaos, where the group takes over a local nerdy restaurant and run one-shots, as well as being the webmxter for ConTessa. Mariam is currently working on a 5E campaign setting based in a precolonial Indian subcontinent of many princedoms (working title Sarzameen).

Twitter: @media_junkie
Facebook: /

Omari Akil

Omari Akil is a tabletop game designer, writer, poet, recording artist, and fashion aficionado born in New Orleans, LA and currently living in Durham, NC. He and his brother co-founded Board Game Brothas and developed Rap Godz as the first step in an effort to share their love of tabletop games in communities of color. When not working on games for BGB, Omari can frequently be caught deciding whether to spend his last few extra bucks on a new board game or a new pair of shoes, where both collections are evenly matched and thoroughly enjoyed!

Twitter: @omariakil
Instagram: omari_akil
Facebook: /theomariakil

Board Game Brothas:
Twitter: @bgbrothas
Instagram: bgbrothas
Facebook: /BGBrothas




DC is a Black queer game designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their goal is to make games that are comfortable and accessible to people of color, and to build/support better design philosophies in table top.

Twitter @DungeonCommandr

Alastor Guzman

Alastor is a mexican rpg designer, co-founder of Axo Stories. He is an active member of the community working in universities to promote the RPG scene. He is currently working on “Light and Shadow”  is a game about self-worth, and improving yourself in a journey of self discovery. Using Mexico city to combine the magic of the prehispanic world, the style of the european conquista, andits own blend of modern and tradition that makes it a surreal city. 

Twitter: @alastorgv



Mabel Harper

Mabel Harper is a writer, musician, and tabletop RPG designer. She writes about demons, monsters, and DIY D&D at A Blog Full of Demons. When she's not creating the stuff of nightmares, she's making queer indie pop music as Don't do it, Neil. Or she might just be vegging out on her couch and watching anime with her cats.

Twitter: @maybeitsmabel

Sarah “Sam” Saltiel

Sarah “Sam” Saltiel is a published fiction writer, poet, and transmedia artist finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago. She started working in game design when she was brought in as a designer on a large-scale ARG project. Since then, she has spent a summer interning with Magpie Games and has been designing her own games. She is very interested in the topics of identity and erasure and has been experimenting with different ways to incorporate them. In the next year she will be working on two thesis and will be finishing an ashcan version of her game about shapeshifting aliens in the '50's trying to pass as human.

Facebook: /sasaltiel
Instagram: s_saltiel



Jabari M Weathers

Jabari Weathers is an illustrator, game designer and probable human allegedly from Baltimore, MD. As an illustrator, they have worked on any array of role playing related projects, most notably illustrating tarot decks for both 7th Sea's second edition and Bluebeard's Bride.

As a game designer, they have been designing privately, but through starting Lunar Veil Press, they intend to share their games more publicly, starting with the epistolary RPG A Dire Situation. Jabari is drawn to ambiguity and tension in media, and frequently aims to make works that drip with the strange, fantastic and uncanny.

Twitter: @JabariWeathers (artwork)
Twitter: @lunarveilpress (game design)
Instagram: jmwillustration

Iris Xie

Iris (they/them) is a queer 2nd generation Chinese-American who identifies as both nonbinary and a woman of color. Their game, Dream of the Empress, is a collaboration with Kazumi Chin and is a PbtA game that explores mythical Imperial China through intrigue, power dynamics, disability justice, and intersectional feminist approaches. Iris is really excited and astounded to be a part of Metatopia and is learning to call themselves a game designer, but when they aren't designing games, they make themed Spotify playlists, write stories, advocate for marginalized communities, and is looking for new ways to collaborate to make super fun things around social justice, design, and/or tech. Feel free to send them a message on Twitter!

Twitter: @irisxie
Facebook: /irisxie

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